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 What does a Computer Software Analyst do?

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PostSubject: What does a Computer Software Analyst do?   Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:11 am

The job title can either be a programmer analyst or an analyst programmer.

A programmer writes computer programs from a specification. This specification is usually a very detailed description of the program that is required. Giving details of all inputs and outputs and any window designs.

An analyst programmer is also a computer programmer but the difference is that the analyst programmer will probably write the specification. This means that the level of detail that is given to an analyst programmer can be very brief.
Whilst the programmer has freedom to create the code from a detailed specification, an analyst programmer has complete freedom from the specification on to the program itself.

An analyst programmer will work with both an analyst and a computer user to establish the details required to produce a program.

A programmer will only usually work with the person that has produced the specification for their program.


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What does a Computer Software Analyst do?
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