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 Debating Guidelines

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Never say never.

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PostSubject: Debating Guidelines   Wed Feb 07, 2007 2:27 pm

I'm sure all of you have read the rules (I hope), but for those of you who aren't sure what to post about or how to post here, I'll provide some guidelines for debating.

Guidelines (Part of the original rules)

1. No racial discrimination, or anti-religion debates. If you wish to discuss racism or religion, be careful how you type it out. Do not make it a dicussion whether a certain race or religion is better.

If you choose to take this seriously, the thread will be watched closely by the moderators since it is a very sensitive issue.

2. Try to avoid surveys. It is against the rules to gather public information without prior permission from the forum administrator. If you want to form a survey using this section, remember to contact the staff first.

With debating you are gathering information, but just for the sake of discussion. If you have any personal gain from this information (such as research studies or clinical trials) you need permission first.

3. No obscene language. You can debate about swearing, you can debate about the use of swearing but you can not swear in your debate! There are a lot of people that debate publicly and any swearing would be frowned down upon.

4. No flaming. Some issues are really sensitive, so keep this in mind as you get into the debates. If you feel like you are being personally scrutinized and feel it is against the rules, report the offending post.


1. If you enjoy debating but hate to read through all of the lengthy posts, you can always just read the first post and post your thoughts.

2. The first post is always the most important, if you are starting a topic make sure to have a clear discussion question somewhere.

Example: Debate about cliques "Do you think cliques are necessary?"

Have fun!
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Debating Guidelines
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