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 Life or death? Before or after?

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PostSubject: Re: Life or death? Before or after?   Thu Sep 20, 2007 10:11 pm

xanpu wrote:
In reincarnation, I think your next life depends on how good you lived your current life. If you've been bad now you'll maybe turn into a rock in your next life. =x
im sorry but how is it possible to have 2 lifes if ur born by ur mothers womb how would u get back in ur mothers womb when ur dead well u just cant its not possible cuz ur dead and u cant move thheres 2 choices follow god or go to hell its true its not offensive its not meant to be offensive it true that scientific eveidents are people wich god made people so god wood know and Lucifer is a fallen angel who was sent to hell by god if u dont follow god u will go to hell the RAPTURE will happen someday god will come and if ur not ready its hell for u but hell isnt fire people think it is its actually loneliness forever.
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I'm NEW!
I'm NEW!

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PostSubject: Life and Life   Tue Jun 17, 2008 7:45 pm

Pro Life or No life..
all members that join this post should watch 3 movies.. before you comment on here.
a walk to remember.
the lazarus phenomenon.
life after death.

the most incredible unforgettable story i must mention is..
how a blind man who died on the operating table.3 hours later he returned to his body. he told everyone what he saw happening in the hospital and where he went..
how can he .. he is blind..... but it makes you wonder because all the details he gave,he even described the staff members that operated on him and directions to the room that they left his body in.
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Life or death? Before or after?
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